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The CISD Women’s Program is working with tribes in the Balochistan region to assist women in creating small economic projects designed to bring in supplemental income. These projects will help teach women to turn daily household tasks into a lucrative business. Jobs such as selling excess handicraft, tending livestock and teaching can easily be accomplished without taking them away from their lives at home. With additional resources from these projects, more families have the means to send their daughters to school or employ other women in the community. They are also able to have a reliable source of income to use towards food, healthcare and other basic needs. As the number of women’s businesses rise, we have an opportunity to end the cycle of poverty and abuse that exists in tribal nomadic societies.

Arts & Crafts

Women are often prevented from earning an income by the requirements of their traditional roles and duties.  The expectations placed on women to keep up the household and take care of the children ultimately leaves little time and opportunity to pursue education or a career. Economic empowerment of rural and nomadic women ensures that families can be more secure, and the community can grow positively. CISD aims to connect rural and nomadic women with international consumers in order to help women sell handicrafts, clothing, and other items to a wider audience. In this way, women can earn an income to help support themselves and their children by using the skills they already have.

We have recently initiated a project called “Empowering Women through Breaking Poverty Cycle.” With the support of a donor agency, the proposed project will be implemented in Quetta, Balochistan. The focus of this project will be on four Union Councils: UC Hazar Ganki, UC Qambaran, UC Chashma Jeo, and UC Kechi Baig. 200 women from 30 different villages will receive the benefits of this project aimed at creating an enabling environment for sustainable empowerment of women. We strive to establish and strengthen community based infrastructure as a place where women can obtain literacy, skill development and exposure to … opportunities.

We will establish community centers where women can interact and collaborate on enhancing their capabilities for becoming agents of social transformation. We plan to train community based organizations, as well as any other interested community based members, to be able to teach various topics, provide advice, and serve as educators and mentors for the women and children of Balochistan.

One of our key objectives in this project is to alleviate the social stigma associated with women earning an income. We want to mobilize the communities and acknowledge girls’ and women’s roles towards the social, economic and cultural development of the community. The women of Balochistan produce unique and traditional artworks, crafts and goods that we plan to assist them in selling nationally and internationally. This basic business concept will teach the women and children how to manage money and become self-sufficient.

These proposed project activities will contribute to the emancipation of the Balochi women, promotion of women’s rights, and the reduction of poverty and gender mainstreaming. If we do not act on this matter now, the women and children of Balochistan will continue to face social and economic challenges, thus continuing the cycle of poverty.

As a part of CISD’s projects related to the Balochistan region of Pakistan and Afghanistan, our main goal is to establish a program in which Balochi women can sell their handicrafts.



CISD Women’s Center 2010 – Women of Amori work on embroidery in order to become economically independent (with Pen Foundation Balochistan (PFB))

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