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The Center for International Study and Development advocates for equal rights, education, and representation of tribal, nomadic, and indigenous people worldwide.

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There are approximately 370 million indigenous people in the world, many of whom are tribal-nomads. These communities tend to be minorities who have experienced long-term economic, cultural, and social deprivation within their own homeland. Often their communities straddle borders between countries, another source of marginalization. Someone has to provide them with education, health, and development services to make sure they live long, healthy lives with access to good education. This is our mission.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, The Center for International Study and Development (CISD) seeks to bridge the gap between tribal-nomadic indigenous people and the globalizing world. The first step of implementation at CISD is to study the forces that deprive these populations of their land, resources, and cultural identity. Next, we apply that research to craft holistic development projects and provide resources which address the unique challenges faced by these peoples. Through these efforts, CISD seeks to provide these communities with the tools they need to help themselves, through projects that are carefully conducted in a way that respects their culture and lifestyle.

 Why nomads?       Why indigenous groups?

Our flagship project consists of secular education for the underserved nomadic population of Balochistan, Pakistan.  Read more:

Project in Balochistan

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